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Polyethylene packaging with print

What kind of printing and what do we put it on?

We produce packaging with flexography printing on polyethylene bags, polyethylene sleeves, half-sleeves or polyethylene tape. Fixed drawing and "running" image (reproduction of the printing at a certain distance) is possible.


How many colors can we put on the polyethylene bags or film?

We can put up to 6 colors on polyethylene bags or film. In many cases, 3 colors are enough to complete the drawing on the package. The film of the appropriate color can also be produced directly and then the printing  applied on it. Then the number of colors increases to 7. We are able to apply printing on both sides of the bag. The number of colors and the size of the printing determine the price of the packaging, the more colors, the more expensive the production of the press forms (so called cliches), because each color requires a separate “cliche”.

What is the minimum quantity required to start production of packaging with printing?

Flexography printing is adapted for mass production, reducing the cost of painting the packaging to the lowest possible. But mass production does not always mean huge amounts to be scared of. For example, the production of polyethylene sleeves with a print starts from 150 kg. If we make quite thick and big dimensions bags from that film, we will get about 1500 – 2000 pieces of such kind of bags. Depending on the size and thickness of the bag, different amounts of bags are available from 100 kg to 150 kg of film. We also focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, so we try to satisfy the wishes of small enterprises to be visible and bright.

How much do bags or film with a company logo or drawing cost?

This is very individual, so it is not possible to specify prices in advance or provide price ranges. It all depends on the drawing, the number of colors, its size, the type of film, and the thickness of the film.

Flexographic printing requires the production of “clichés”. Its production price starts from 50 Eur to 500 Eur. It is no longer required for further use or subsequent orders, it is produced and paid once.

It may need the remanufacturing only if you want to change the information or drawing on the print.


What do we need to calculate the price of the package?

Provide the desired print (size, number of colors). If you know the dimensions, thickness, and type of film of the bag. If you do not know or not sure, leave it to us. In that case, we would need information about what product will be packed, what quantity is needed – we will select the type of film, its thickness, and the required bag size – we will provide you with the best solution and a commercial offer.

How long does it take to produce bags and films with the print?

The production of bags with the print takes a little longer than the production of a film because we still have to cut the painted film.

On average, the production of bags with printing from the beginning of the project to the final product takes 60 days. For subsequent orders, the production time is shortened, as there is no need to produce clichés, adjust the packaging layout, etc.

The production term of the film for the first orders ranges from 30-60 days. It is shortened for subsequent orders.

Not sure what type, thickness and dimensions of bags you need?

Leave this task to us, we are professionals in our field. We will assemble, select the right type and thickness of polyethylene film, produce and deliver it to you.

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