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Packaging layout

Packaging selection for your product.

There are many types and thicknesses of packaging, so it is very difficult to choose the right packaging for a product without experience. Some bags are suitable for packing frozen products, others are completely unsuitable for this and breaks when left in the freezer; some bags give a golden hue to the product, which is very relevant, for example, packing pastries such as Tree Cakes.

Others need fully transparent polypropylene in the packaging of the cards to make the product clearly visible. Not only the packaging design and aesthetic appearance of the product itself are important, but also the cost of the packaging itself, which is often grown in the choice of the wrong packaging. We have many years of experience in the production of packaging, wrapping, bags, films and know how to pack the products properly.

Pakuočių maketavimas

Layout or design?

We deal with layout, i.e. the right choice of packaging for your product or production. Select the required film, bag thickness, length and width, its type, taking into account the weight, dimensions and specific properties of your product (frozen products, sharp corners, required aesthetic appearance, protective function of the product, etc.).

We do not create design, we leave it to professionals in the field who know their job. We simply convey the designers’ vision on the packaging itself, which we, as specialists in our field, select for your product.

What do we need to select  the right package for you?

We need your product physically. If this is not possible, we need to know the exact dimensions of the product you want to pack, detailed description of the product, and the weight. But we always recommend sending your products ready for packaging.

Jeigu pakuotė bus su logotipu ar spauda skaityti paper packaging with printpolyethylene packaging with print.

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