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Paper packaging with print

What kind of print and on what paper packaging do we put it on?

We can print the information, the company logo, any image or barcode with the product description on the type of paper packaging of your choice.
We put printing on paper bags, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, parcel boxes, gift bags, we produce promotional bags, we can put a print on practically all types of Kraft paper packaging surfaces. We can print you a personalized package, from 1 piece.

How many colors can we put on the paper packaging?

Our possibilities are practically limitless – we can print a full color palette on your preferred paper packaging. The only white color is unpainted. The solution is a white bag in which the white areas will remain simply unpainted. We can even print a photo on paper bags or boxes.

What kind of paints are used in the manufacturing process?

Like the packaging, the paint is environmentally friendly, water-based. In this case, you not only have attractive packaging that advertises you, but also contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution and market yourself as an environmentally responsible supplier.

What is the minimum quantity required to produce paper packaging with a print?

We put the print on the paper package from 1 piece! Modern technology makes it possible to do this while avoiding relatively high production costs. No production of printing forms (“clichés”), no need for “corel” formats, we just need your logo / preferred printing in PDF or JPeg format and we will make bags or boxes with your desired printing.

How much does paper packaging with a company logo or drawing cost?

The price is determined by several factors: what kind of packaging will be printed and what size the inscription or drawing (printable area) will be displayed on.

Knowing this information, we will make an offer that meets your expectations. If you do not know the exact dimensions, the desired thickness, write us what you want to pack and we will choose the most suitable packaging for your product.


What do we need to put your desired print on the package?

We need your company logo in one of the formats: PDF, JPEG, COREL, PNG. If you want to print a barcode, composition or slogan on your chosen type of packaging, all the relevant information is provided simply by email. We will deliver it all in a layout, which we will send to you, and upon agreement, we will complete it on a paper product.

How long does it take to produce paper packaging with the print?

Depending on the type of packaging and the quantity required, as well as our availability. Production time of the packaging with the print from 2 working days to 20 working days.

Need a consult?

No order quantity or project is too small for us.

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