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Attitude towards the environment

UAB SDA Pakuotė’s approach to the environment is responsible, changing packaging trends, increasingly focusing on environmental protection.We are changing together. We adapt to our customers, introduce new and more environmentally friendly products, and offer our customers to replace polyethylene film or packaging with paper packaging where possible. Due to certain technical properties of polyethylene and the lack of alternatives in production processes, polyethylene remains irreplaceable. In the areas of wet, frozen product packaging, fish and food industries, technical packaging made of polyethylene is unavoidable, at least for the time being.

What does SDA Pakuotė do to be more environmentally friendly?

Zero industrial waste!

All our industrial waste, scrap, film waste remaining after the production process is sorted and recycled. And the recycled ones usually turn into mail bags or other secondary packaging or plastic products, and then in a circle again and again.

What do our customers do with used packaging left over from the manufacturing process? It is sorted and then sent for recycling. Polyethylene becomes unfriendly to the environment when it finds itself in the environment and “falls out” of the wheel in which it was to be collected.

We introduce completely ecological packaging into our range.

SDA Pakuotė is adding more and more cardboard and paper packaging to the range of products it sells and manufactures. We strive to maintain a balance between packaging types and provide as many environmentally friendly alternatives as possible to our customers.

We use ecological paints for painting paper packaging.

Because we print on paper packaging that is environmentally friendly, we use water-based paints that are harmless and environmentally friendly. Not only you do have a beautiful package, it is also completely environmentally friendly.

We use it several times.

We use “cardboard nozzles” several times in the production of elastic film. Please do not dispose of the remaining cardboard nozzles on which the film has been wrapped after using the hand-stretch stretch film. When returning, we apply discounts that our customers are willing to take advantage of. On our initiative, we save our customers money, while at the same time consuming and conserving nature.

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