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Manufacture of polyethylene bags

What type of bags do we produce?

The range of polyethylene bags we produce is very wide, from bags for earrings or stickers to large bags for granules.

We produce: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, CPP, BOPP types of bags.

Polietileno maišelių gamyba

We can offer our customers:

  • bags in rolls,
  • perforated bags (with holes for ventilation)
  • bags with gussets (dents in the sides)
  • bags with adhesive tape (for closing the bags)
  • bags with double bottom seam
  • polyethylene bags with printing
  • bags with a cross handle
  • courier or mail bags from recycled material.

All our products are non-standard and tailored to our customers’ needs.

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What size of bags can we produce?

Depending on the type of film, we can produce bags from 60 mm to 1200 mm width and from 80 mm to 1700 mm length.

What is the minimum quantity in the production of non-standard bags?

With a wide range of our products and raw materials, it is very difficult to answer exactly what the minimum quantity we are going to produce from is because it varies depending on the type of raw material. But most often the production of bags without a print starts from 200 pieces up to 4000 pieces. We are flexible manufacturers, so we always try to help our customers, often adapting the already produced products or materials to the customer’s needs.


How long does it take to produce custom bags?

Depending on the type of film and the amount required, and our occupancy. Bag production time varies from 2 working days to 30 working days.

Not sure what type, thickness and dimensions of bags you need?

Leave this task to us, we are professionals in our field. We will assemble, select the right type and thickness of polyethylene film, produce and deliver it to you.

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